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What is Healing with Photography?

Healing with Photography's unique courses reduce mental anguish and give people

the self-confidence to take control of their lives.  

The courses are specifically aimed at people  who have experienced rape, or are suffering

with post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.  
The courses have been used in Mind Centres in the UK. mind logo

 Are any of these true for you?

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  • You judge and criticize yourself and others
  • You spend your day feeling depressed or imagining the worst
  • You are unable to sleep at night
  • Everyone tells you to "just snap out of it!"
Take contol of your life and banish those feelings NOW!
  • You are immediately able to stop judging yourself and others
  • You no longer worry what others think of you
  • You are able to live a happy and successful life  
  • Transforming negative thoughts into positive thoughts

Healing with Photography will help you to take control of your life in six steps, and now you

can take the course from the comfort of your home 24 hours a day with our online course. 

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Healing with Photography
  • Immediate, gentle and transformational healing
  • A six step video and audio programme
  • Over seven hours of unique audio access the course 24 hours a day
  • Ground breaking techniques
  • Life Changing thoughts
  • Unparallelled methods to remember the techniques
  • Profound Meditations
  • It can be viewed at home

To watch the preview, click the screen below

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Photo of RuthWe are very proud that Healing with Photography courses are used by

Mind, the UK mental health charity.

The course puts you fully in control of your own life by giving you

the tools for a peaceful mind.  

Ruth uses her personal experience in overcoming Post Truamatic Stress Disorder

to help you take control of your thoughts so that you can harness your mind,

your greatest tool and asset, to achieve your intentions.  


Photography is an important element of the course to help you begin the process

of change, however it isn't necessary for you to be a photographer.

You may not have even taken a photograph before, it's nothing to worry about,

the photography is merely a tool to help you understand yourself.

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It is possible to achieve a supportive state of mind:
  1. Stop thinking on autopilot
  2. Notice every thought that you have and ask, "Is it true?"
  3. Be fully present thoughout the day
  4. Get the full ten steps to achieving a supportive mind by downloading our free report below.
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