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Signature Course  

It’s Time to Start Living Again


Using our unique eleven part course, we will help you to re-boot your negative and self-defeating thoughts to create an intentional blueprint for your life

so that you can thrive rather than just survive.


Do you think?

  •  “I am afraid to go out alone.”
  • “I am afraid to be alone with people.”
  • “I don’t know how to get out of this fear.”


Do you wish you could confidently think?

  • “I feel safe in the world.”
  • “I feel safe with people of the opposite sex.”
  • “I am living my life again.”

It’s Time to Start Living again is created by Ruth using her own experience of the skills and techniques she needed to overcome the emotional turmoil and fear she went through after sexual trauma.

The course will help you to THRIVE rather than just survive.

  • Feel SAFE and CONFIDENT in every situation
  • Be able to THRIVE in your new life
  • Feel HAPPY

 Included in the Signature course, It’s Time to Start Living Again

  • 11 Audio Levels
  • 3 x 60 minute video calls with Ruth, (Cameras off to give you privacy.)
  • 11 Meditations
  • A free bonus meditation to be listened to at the end of the course. 
  • 11 Photography sessions to help the techniques in each level become a habit. (Feel free to use your mobile phone to take the photos, you don’t have to have an expensive camera to take part.)
  • 1 Playbook
  • 2 bonus EFT Videos
  • Email access to Ruth
  • Free membership to private Facebook Group.

Ruth bending down taking a photo of a flower.
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