About Ruth Salmon

Ruth created her work out of a necessity.  A necessity  to overcome the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), that she suffered from after being raped by a man she was dating.  Initially Ruth had tried Cognitive Behaviour therapy, (CBT), yet that had only deepened her depression, trauma and fear and didn’t deal with the real issues; her fear of leaving the house and her newly developed fear of men.

Determined to find a way to feel safe in the world Ruth used her love of landscape photography to quieten the negative voices in her mind. She then began to find gentle ways to reboot her negative thoughts so that she could thrive rather than just survive.

Ruth was shocked to discover that most people who are raped know their attacker, and she understood the emotions they went through afterwards; the guilt if you didn’t report it, and the continual self questioning, “Was it rape?”  


Ruth created Healing with Photography to help people feel safe in the world again, and she shares the tools she used to become a confident, happy person.