Welcome to our blog, Overthinking?  A question mark very deliberately follows the title as in this blog we want you to read and then inwardly question if you are falling into the different situations of overthinking and making your life more difficult that it needs to be.


All of these blogs feature situations that over time Ruth has found herself in, and had to find a way to overcome.  Often it has been a situation where she has been so blinkered and self-absorbed in survival thinking that it took a particular event or jolt from her husband or friend to see a clearer way to resolving the situation.


Overthinking is something we all find ourselves guilty of from time to time, it is our intent that these articles can help you too if you are in place of anxiety.

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Are You Overthinking Male Friendships?

“One of the things that I’ve struggled with most since recovering from the rape, was the speed with which I put distance between me and my male friends with whom, at the time, I had flirtatious friendships with. Now so much time has passed I feel that it is hard to repair that distance without them thinking that I didn’t trust them.”

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