It’s Time to Start Living Again


Using our unique eleven part course, we will help you to re-boot your negative and self-defeating thoughts to create an intentional blueprint for your life

so that you can thrive rather than just survive.



  • Do you feel like you are in a dark cloud every day, unable to reach the light?


  • Do you feel safer watching people living their lives from a distance, and wish that you felt safe in the world too?

  • Does it take you all of  your courage to go out of the front door?

  • Do you feel safer in familiar places?

It’s Time to Start Living Again is an online course to help you feel safe and confident in the world after being raped. 

It will help you to overcome your past traumas, without having to re-live them, to become strong confident and happy in your life.  

It will allow you to thrive rather than just survive.


What if it was possible to feel:

  • Like you are standing in sunshine
  • Happy
  • Safe
  • Confident
Audio rather than video chat is okay

Each level of It’s Time to Start Living Again focuses on the key skills you need to live confidently, happily and in abundance.


  • Stop feeling like a victim.  


  • Stop worrying what other people think about you.


  • Instinctively know if you can trust someone.


floor plan drawings
  • Build endless levels of confidence so that you know you are able to take care of yourself.


  • Tap into the power and confidence that you already possess.


  • Learn How To:
  • Create a blueprint of the life you would like to live and the actions to make it happen.
  • Re-write your negative thoughts.
  • Create a life that supports you and helps you to thrive.
  • Therapy sessions with counselors can often leave you feeling more depressed than when you arrived, every level of It’s Time to Start Living Again leaves you feeling uplifted and confident.


  • The course never asks you to relive the traumatic events you have already lived through.


It’s Time to Start Living Again allows you the time to rebuild your life one step at a time so you can evolve into a confident, happy person living an intentional life.


We only work with people who have been raped so that the advice we give is relevant and we can understand the emotions you are experiencing.

Wondering whether the course is right for you?

 It’s good that you are asking that question.

Create a Free Blueprint 

Schedule a free 30 minute session with Ruth and ask your questions about the course without having to reveal details of your past traumas.

As a FREE Bonus for booking a call.

  • Ruth will help you to make an action plan of how to move forward to become confident and happy.
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The Course Includes:

  • 11 Audio Levels
  • 11 Meditations, plus a free bonus meditation to be listened to at the end of the course. 
  • 11 Photography sessions to help the techniques in each level become a habit.
  • 1 Playbook
  • 1 Remove panic quickly audio
  • 2 bonus EFT Videos
  • Email access to Ruth
  • Free membership to private Facebook Group.
speech bubble, a phone is just as good as a camera for these exercises.

Video Transcript

“If you’ve clicked through to this video then you might be looking for help because you’ve been raped, and maybe you are hidden away in your house because you are afraid to go out just like I was after it happened to me.


My world became so much smaller, and I felt like this fog, this black fog just enveloped me and I couldn’t get beyond it, and I watched the world go by without joining in.


I had a cafe across the road from me when I was living abroad and I would watch people at the cafe having their coffees and socialising, and I would wait until it went quiet outside of the cafe so that I could leave my flat and not run the risk of running into anybody that I might need to say hello to or have a conversation with, as I just wanted to keep myself as safe as possible. 


“And in doing that it closed down my world so much and it really did bring me to my knees, and I went from this confident, happy person to someone who was afraid of their own shadow.  I just didn’t recognise myself.  


“Eventually, I got so frustrated with feeling fear and being afraid to go out in the world, and being afraid of everybody in it, that I thought I had to find a way to get through it, I had to get back to being able to start living again, and I wanted to have future relationships, I didn’t want to be this hermit who was afraid to engage with everybody, and so I used my photography to give me the confidence to go out.


“I had a prop of the camera and I went to places where there would be no one around and started taking pictures, and that started to give me some pleasure, and it was the first time in years that I’d really started to enjoy myself and feel safe in my own company.


“And so once I started doing the photography it started to quieten all those negative voices in my head, all those voices that would tell me I’d be in danger  wherever I went or would just try to keep me pinned down, or the questions, was it rape?  It allowed me to start to explore ways to re-write my mind, to re-write the brain and get some confidence back.


“I started to use all these different techniques and slowly build them into my life step by step until I started to feel confident again and feel safe, and didn’t feel that I needed someone with me when I went out, and that I would be okay by myself, and I started to live again. 


“And that’s what so important, you don’t have to keep yourself hidden away where you just feel safe in an environment that you can control.  You can start to live again.  There are ways.


“Everything that I learnt is in this course, in one place, for you to start learning, taking in and growing in confidence so that you do feel safe going out of the house, so that you do feel safe on your own. 


“You don’t need to keep yourself tucked away and feel scared of speaking to people, of starting conversations, of being one on one with someone.  It doesn’t have to be that way.


“Everything in this course is there for you to start getting yourself back on your feet, and to start living again, to become a confident person.


“At no point in this course do you need to go back over the things that happened to you, it’s not about reliving  those awful things, it’s about going from here and walking forward into your future.


“So if you think this course is for you then book yourself a free consultation, with me, and we can discuss whether it’s the right thing for you.


At no point in the consultation, or again in this course, will you have to go back and revisit the memories of things that have happened.


“This course is about helping you to reboot your brain, and to be in control of your thoughts rather than letting your mind run away and control you, and make you feel that the world is just full of fear.  It’s not!

“There’s no need to be hiding away, though I fully understand why you would as that’s what I did for a good couple of years before I found the confidence to start finding a way to get better.


“So book your free consultation below and then we can sit and have a chat.”